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Rubinoff: An Artist's Commentary

Rubinoff on Art: The Collected Writings of Sculptor Jeffrey Rubinoff

Insights and Arguments
Rubinoff's definition of art

Insights evolved with and from Rubinoff's work: 2011 edition

On the purposes of the work and the sculpture park

Essays by Rubinoff

Art Beyond War: A Discussion About Prehistoric War and the History of Art by Artists

Art Beyond War - Visual Presentation

Through the Lens of the Endgame

Existential Realities of Post Agriculture

COI Forum Introductions & Notes

Rubinoff's Introduction to the 2010 Forum

Rubinoff's Introduction to the 2011 Forum

Rubinoff's Notes on the 2012 Forum

Rubinoff's Commentary on Forum Essays

Commentary by Rubinoff during the 2009 COI Forum

Commentary by Rubinoff during the 2010 COI Forum

Commentary by Rubinoff during the 2011 COI Forum

Sidenav Commentary

"Art is

an act of will

in accord with

a mature conscience"

- Jeffrey Rubinoff